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De Bono Lateral thinking – Edward de Bono's Side Thinking is an invaluable contribution:

 « Aristotle, Platon and Socrates   valued the analysis,   detection, judgment and truth. They   paid less attention to creativity, design, possibilities and value.   In doing so, they neglected to recognize that you can analyze the past, but you must build the future. »   Edward De Bono

«In an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment, where business leaders and executives are expected to perform miracles despite shrinking budgets, offer better quality products and services. is more sufficient; creative thinking will be of great help.   Your success will come from your ability to innovate and bring creative responses.   To do this, lateral thinking is the key.


Instead of vertical or linear thinking, which relies solely on logic, the best way is lateral thinking, which is a deliberate, systematic approach, using your ability to think differently from others.   This proven method produces a broad overview,   creativity and innovation.» Edward De Bono

Our courses are aimed at ?

 To decision makers

 To R & D teams

 For people designing the strategy

 High-Potency Frames

 To HR Managers

 To production teams & to factory managers

 Departments Seeking Team Spirit

 People in charge of designing new products or services

 To all leaders and / or actors of change

 Communicators and marketing plan designers.

What is it ?

 A key to better performance in business

 A skill that can be learned

 A capacity building solution

 Creativity and innovation-oriented thinking

 Personal development training that gives a competitive advantage and promotes profitability

 An organizational development solution

 The skill that drives productivity.

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Our promise: At the end of this training, participants will be equipped to generate ideas of value at will.


From simple ideas that offer superior alternatives to current problems, they will switch to   the precious idea, original, which upsets the present, and transforms the future.


With the Side Thinking toolbox, we can help you:

• Help your executives to be brilliant in any situation

• Communicate a winning mindset to your team

• Finish with the disjointed strategic plans

• Create innovative ideas at will

• Improve your processes and strategic decisions

• Adapt your performance management tools to your business

• Challenger your current way of thinking

• Become effective and efficient in solving problems.


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• Make innovation and creativity your business culture and productivity will increase.


• We will train staff to think quickly, well and be brilliant in any situation during a one or two day internal workshop dedicated exclusively to your managers.


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